Practical Risk-Based Testing

Most projects, being either sequential or iterative (Agile), implicitly use some kind of risk-based approach for prioritizing testing activities. Critical testing decisions should be based on a thorough product risk assessment process with key business drivers as the foundation. PRISMA (PRoduct RISk MAnagement), a practical method for performing systematic product risk assessments is presented. During this 1/2 day practical course, it is explained how to carry out risk identification and analyzes, and how to use the outcome to select the most appropriate test approach to mitigate the risk. Learn how to apply risk-based testing in both traditional and Agile projects, including how to create an Agile sprint “test plan”. Practical experiences are shared, problems overcome and results observed employing product risk assessments. Learn how to set testing priorities and optimize your test effort by including product risk assessment in your testing practices. Develop a practical approach to inform project stakeholders about important testing decisions and provide clear visibility on product risk status.

Topics covered 

  • Concept of risk-based testing
  • Product risk assessments
  • PRISMA process and Risk-Poker technique
  • Risk mitigation; define a test approach
  • Risk-based reporting
  • Practical experiences from other organizations and projects

Learning objectives

  • Understand the basics of risk-based testing
  • Understand the concept of the product risk matrix as a basis for risk-based testing
  • Be able to perform a risk assessment in your project using PRISMA
  • Understand how to perform a product risk assessment in your Agile project using Risk Poker
  • Be able to define a test approach to mitigate your product risks
  • Learn how to do risk-based communication and reporting to stakeholders
  • Learn valuable and practical lessons from other projects doing risk-based testing

Complimentary Tool

Attendees to the course (workshop) risk-based testing will receive the complimentary PRISMA risk-assessment tool.